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Organizations of Interest

The following are links to various governmental and environmental organizations who are contributing to the ongoing discussion of global warming and climate change. While they are definitely not all in agreement over the various aspects of climate change (including its reality, threat level and mitigation), they may prove useful for tracking down further information.

Environment Candada - The Green Lane
Official Website: www.ec.gc.ca/envhome.html

Environment Candada - Climate Change
Official Website: www.ec.gc.ca/climate/

Envirozine - Environment Canada's Online Newsmagazine
Official Website: www.ec.gc.ca/envirozine/

EcoEnergy - EcoEnergie
Official Website: www.ecoenergy-ecoenergie.gc.ca/

Canadian Climate Impact Scenarios
Official Website: www.cics.uvic.ca/scenarios/

World Wildlife Federation Canada
Official Website: www.wwf.ca (Conservation Programs - Global Warming)

Sierra Club of Canada
Official Website: www.sierraclub.ca/

David Suzuki Foundation
Official Website: www.davidsuzuki.org

Green Party of Canada
Official Website: www.greenparty.ca/

Greenpeace International
Official Website: www.greenpeace.org/ (Climate Change)

Worldwatch Institute
Official Website: www.worldwatch.org

Official Website: www.stopglobalwarming.org/

Toronto Vegetarian Association
Official Website: www.veg.ca/ (Eating for the Earth)

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The choices we make today greatly influence the Canada and climate our children and grand-children will inherit.